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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

My last few posts

have been so opposite. A couple on the bike weekend away, and then work, day 1. How totally screwed up is that? The common denominator - me!

So, reality is that we live the life we have to, partly by choice, partly by circumstance. And every now and then we get to experience that part of life we look forward too, almost as a teaser of what could be, if only.....

I'm not complaining about my lot. I think overall I've done OK, all things considered. But it could be better, more "normal", easier perhaps? So why not find alternative employment you ask? Well, I am a middle aged white male living in South Africa. For all my experiences, and achievements, I fall way down the list of "preferred employee", mainly due to the reasoning that I come from a previously advantaged background (is is???) and that the new democratic regime needs to correct the injustices of the past by introducing and enforcing reverse racism. Black before white for all jobs! OK, so that's not a big deal. There are not too many darkies out there that can deliver like I do. But that's not the point - they get the jobs anyway, and then A N Other white boy like me gets to do 2 - 3 peoples work to cover for 2 - 3 darkies who are his peers, but don't deliver. They there to make up the BEE numbers, so that their employer can get a shot at the lucrative Government / Public Sector business!

Now I know most of my readers know this already, in fact most of them are affected by the same problem. But there may be the odd / random reader from outside of South Africa who might read this, and get a better understanding of our situation here. Maybe I'm just recording it here to get it off my chest. Either way, it's here for those who want to read it.

So, for a measly USD 300k, I could settle all my debts, sort out all the little bits and pieces needing sorting, and then leave my job and go do whatever it is I want to, for a much lower salary maybe, but much improved satisfaction level! Now that's peanuts actually. Wonder if there is any way to start a "fund". "Rescue the Wreckless Euroafrican from himself" fund. Donate USD 1.00 to a very worthy cause.... LOL. Wouldn't that be wonderful!

So, in passing chit chat today the employer provident fund came up. I was surprised to find out that some who have 2 - 4 years less years service than I do, have almost double the funds in their provident fund than I have? Wonder how that works? Be that as it may, no one is retiring on that anyway. It's barely enough to earn slightly less than a state old age grant if put into a fixed deposit, with earnings paid out monthly..... Geeezzzz, you are almost better off on a state old age grant! Kind of like being on the dole in the UK, not worth going to work!

Talking about the UK - GMan is talking about going over for a while, to work, and find his way forward. We have a friend there with his own company who could employ him, and his current girlfriends Mom and step dad live there - and he has his own business, so maybe GMan could get a job there. Either way, I think it's probably a good thing for him.... Time will tell.

LuckyL is going through the motions of final few months of school. And, even though he knows what he wants to study for, he's not sure he wants to go to varsity next year, or take a gap year, or study through a Technicon. I think he wants me or the Princess to take the decision for him. There is always the factor (which he will not address) f not wanting to make the wrong decision. So, if we tell him to go to Uni, he might blow it as did GMan, if we tell him to take a gap year, he may not want to restart studying the next year..... Difficult choices, and I'm not sure where to go with this.

The Princess, Ahhhhhh, she's just the perfect Princess. Works hard, takes good care of all three of us, and our home, and the two grannies..... She's just brilliant. Often threatens to "trade me in" on 2 x 25 year olds, but I think she enjoys being seen in public with her "old man", especially when people mistake me for her Dad!!!

And finally, the two dogs are good (touch wood), apart from continuing to destroy stuff, like the bushes down the bottom of the yard. They wont pull out the weeds, oh no, rather tear up the plants that I ave bought and planted. Every morning there is a newly picked crop of hedge, bush, flowers on the floor outside the front door. Almost like they bringing me presents. Ah well.....

So, that's my update for now. More to follow, sometime.


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