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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Back to work - Day 1 - part two

So, nothing actually changes. You go away, take 7 days to get out of the stress mode, enjoy 2 - 4 days in a neutral zone, then get back to the office and BANG - everything is fucked up all over again! WTF?

I refuse to believe that this machine is so broken that nothing can get done during my absence. Having said that, there was some progress during my absence, but no to the extent I would have expected. I mean, I have been out of the office for two working weeks dammit!

So, within 10 minutes of walking in I get:- Please follow up on...., then call xxx and arrange for .... , then check on the status of xxxx....., then set up an international call for Thursday, provisional, in case we cant do it tell them we will be ready for Friday...... But we have to do it cause we have to print on Friday, and submit by Monday.....!

Huh? So, like,what have you done since I went away? Apart from sending out 76 emails on the subject, causing more confusion than required, copying everyone and his dog, and not making any progress? I tell you what? You've been going through the motions, making it look like you managing the process but in essence, you are following the script, just like those demented morons at a call center do, follow the script, and pray like hell no one deviates from it cause then you like "So fucked, like way up shit street"!

So I make a few calls, piss some people off (like I should care), find out that in fact what we are proposing to do for the client is as of this very instance a pipe dream (only due for release for General Consumption in Q3), and so they actually do not have answers for all your questions. Now how come you didn't find that out in 14 days? Cause you didn't know who to ask, or what to ask! POES!

So, it's just another day at the office. At least I have the next bike ride to look forward to, and also the comments to my previous two posts which should be amusing at the very least!

I raised the issue with my commissions again, and was told that it seems they may be overpaying me? Isssit I sed? OK, so fucking fix it then! But, make sure you include all my accounts, so tha the "overpayment" on these listed accounts moight be offset by the missing accounts. Either way, you got it wrong, and I want it right.
And, I'm not waiting for next month for my money. You have 48 hours, then I'm off to the MD and HR to lodge an official complaint. Hows that for a big "Fuck you, I'm back!"

A client that requested a meeting with the delivery team 4 weeks ago got hold of me to say no one has spoken to him. I recalled my emails to their management team, and their responses where they said they would do so,  and presto, a quick escalation so sort that shit out!

Ah, what the hell...... L8r all.



Divemaster Dad said...

You go away for two weeks and you expect things to have changed?

How long did you say you had been working there?

That's like expecting the dinosaurs to make a re-appearance...ain't gonna fuckin' happen, dude...

WV - tokaran (i think it's arabic for "who-the-fuck-are-you-kidding?")

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

You sound like my wife..... So I've been here 15 years, but at least in the past there was someone to fill in for me, at least partially....
And hey, the Dino's are coming back - haven't you seen our new manager?.....

Bruthafromanothamutha said...

Makes me so proud to be a part of this organisation .............. NOT

hang in there bro

Jayne said...

You've been there 15yrs? Gawd almighty, you do need to get the fuck outta there & start up your own business!

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

BFAM - Yea - LOL!
Jayne - 15 yrs..... a whole damn lifetime! Wish I could go on my own...