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Friday, February 18, 2011

So, it's Friday.

And, after a week of great sunshine, got up this morning to overcast and wet skies. Yup, just because I have not gone out on the bike for two weeks, and was looking forward to a good run this weekend. However, all is not lost. it could still clear up by Sunday..
Other news:-

My regular readers will by now know my story about Witness. Well, I am please to say that last week his grave stone was laid! Going out there tomorrow to look at it, and will post photos. it will probably be my last post about him, although I will probably still post stuff about his widow, and the other people in the squatter camp where he lived. But I have fulfilled my promise. i buried him, am taking care of his widow, and as promised, have had a headstone done for him. RIP my friend!!!

I used the same guys that did the funeral arrangements, and got a great deal too. Will post the price when I post the pics.

GMan is back in Swaziland. He has to go and defend his Royal Swazi Rumble champion title! Hope he has another good run, and at least finishes in the money. I see on Facebook that there is a cash game going on that started yesterday afternoon, played right through the night, and at 12hoo today was still going! I hope he's not in it, and if he is, I hope he has at least ZAR250k in front of him right now! He is a very good cash player, better than his tournament game!!!

This week LuckyL wrote a Physics test (remember he's in Grade 12 / Matric / Final high school year) and he cracked 90%! needless to say this dad was ecstatic! I need to do something for him, and have an idea in mind, which I can't post here as yet, as he sometimes reads my blog!

The Princess is doing fine. She's planning a trip to Cape Town in the next few weeks, so I'm going to be alone at home (with the boys) for a while. No matter, she needs and deserves her space. Its just a bit difficult without here there! But we manage.

Work, well work is work. If I had a choice I wouldn't! The Auto Cad course I am planning to attend is supposed to start this next Monday, but has been postponed for a week (not enough candidates). Hope that by then they have enough so we can get going with this!
I have calculated that my employer owes me in the region of ZAR250k in commissions. It could be a bit less, depending on how they agree the structure  (imagine, we nearly at end of Feb. and this is still not in place?) but either way, they owe me a shitload of money! Going to send off another email as soon as I am done here! And, I have learned that when I sold my share options, I was supposed to be taxed at a nominal rate (10%), however, I recall being taxed at my full rate (42%). This means that SARS owes me a chunk of money too. I have asked my employer to look into it, as they would have to issue a directive, needless to say, I have not heard anything yet, so another email will go off about that in the next few minutes.

So overall its been an OK week. I am looking forward to the weekend, to the CAD training, and to the next steps of my planning for my road trip. All the rest is optional!


The dogs are fine, except that Captain had some or other growth on his head, which became inflamed, and erupted!! Fuck, puss and blood everywhere. Then he had to be admitted, and have an operation to cut it all out. Cost me ZAR 1600.00 ........ and I now have a dog at home that looks like a monk. Big bald patch on the top of his head! But it will grow back!

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Jayne said...

I hope GMan does well :-)
LuckyL seems to have a talent for the sciences with marks like 90% - what career is he looking to choose?
Y'need to get YOUR commission dosh hon - the company has held onto it for way too long now!

Best of luck with getting a rebate from SARS. In all honesty, the income tax that Hubs pays grates my tits somminc chronic. He was de-registered as a taxpayer years ago because he was out of the country for so long, so we had to organise him to get a new tax number & submit the first tax return in many, many years. I'll throw a right friggin wobble if SARS either want MORE or don't at least give him somminc back!