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Saturday, December 18, 2010

End of the week update

Trailer full of hampers and bags of old clothing

Car boot full of Blankets
So, Dec. 16th, it was 12 months to the day we had the funeral for the late Witness Khumalo. (look under labels, and click on his name)

Dec.18th was the first Xmas Hamper for the kids at the squatter camp. What fun! The kids were assembled in front of the house of one of the ladies who helped organize the day. They were seriously excited, and even more so once I opened the trailer lid, and the cars boot, and they could see all the stuff!

So, one at a time I lifted a pack, called the name out, and the child came and got his pack, cold drink, and blanket. The very little one's were assisted by their mommies, or bigger brother or sister.

The moms were just as excited as the kids! One child wasn't there - had to attend a funeral. Another 2 had gone to town with thier parents. no problem, the "organizers assistant" would keep theirs for them.

I also delivered 3 big bags of old clothes, which the "organizers assistant" will distribute as she sees fit.

Anyway, a lot of work, and a very successful conclusion. I feel good, I'm sure the kids are having a ball discovering whats in their packs, and the moms don't have to buy blankets for that child for a while.

Thnaks to everyone who assisted, to LuckyL who went with to do the blankets and take photos, and to the Princess who put up with all the stuff taking up a large part of the second lounge.

In case I don't post anything again before then, a Merry Xmas to you all, and a Prosperous New Year. God Bless.



Divemaster Dad said...

Good on you, guys...a job well done...

I didn't hear back from you whether you needed any assistance with the purchase of the blankets?

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

DMDad, thanx bro. I tell you what, I did spend some money on this, but I tell you what, next time we down in Cape Town, me and the Princess will stay over with you and your Royal other half, and that will be more than enough!


Divemaster Dad said...