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Thursday, November 04, 2010

So, what to post?

It's been a while since I really got into posting stuff. I don't mean just random pics, with some commentary and bylines, or just funny stuff from someone else.

Lets see now.

On the employment front, things have not really changed much. Still have an arsehole for a boss. Still have a bad patch of clients - some who already spend all they going to spend with us, some who want to go away and spend their money elsewhere, and some who are just stupid, and should be spending their money on some internal training and assessments for intelligence level checking!

On line training is becoming so stupid. We got a "Final request" to complete some more online training. The email came through yesterday, late afternoon. The training is to be completed by "last night" ! Huh? So, I go into the site, and start the training. it's a web-cast (prerecorded), and so I start it, and let it play in the background. WTF? You really think I can sit through this stuff, all day, and not do some work at the same time? Who do you think is going to see clients, and do proposals, and RFP responses if I don't. POES!

So, there are 8 parts to this training. Total training time is 6.3 hours!!!! So, I'll get through what I get through today, and continue tomorrow....

As for other online training, we got a big course to do about 2 months ago. That too, I worked through (in the background) completed and passed all the assesments, and completed the course about a month ago.
Today I get a note, from my esteemed manager - he who will not be questioned (because you could embarrass him cause he wont know the answer) saying that I did not complete the course. In fact, the "stats sheet" shows that neither I, not any one else in the team (bar one person at 40% complete) have even started the course. Well that's me then - Blow my top - send of email with multiple exclamation marks....... and the response I get is based on the number of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I put in ! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, turns out that the system is broken (no surprises there) as it was last time round, so they will rerun the report - next week.

So, the online training continues. Dreary American presenters who actually believe all the crap they spew out! All the hype about where IT is going, what we can do for the client / world / universe. Where we are leading in the market. What a lot of crap!

So, for now, that's it. Will post something (hopefully) more interesting soon!



Divemaster Dad said...

As I was saying about the presenters...they believe it cos their heads are so far up their own arses that all they can hear is the echo of their own voices....

WV = acquarce (water backside? WTF??)

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

You are so right DMDad! Water backside - is that like when u got the runs? Fitting then, considering the crap being spewed out by the presenters!!