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Friday, November 12, 2010

Retro Cars and my personal options

So, over the past few years, motor car manufacturers have resorted to playing with our emotional past with regards car designs. What do I mean? Well, lets take a look at some of them.

Austin Mini Minor:-

In it's day a seriously popular car. I personally knew some guys who bought up every one they could find, so that they had plenty spares available. All they lived for was doing mods to the engines, racing the little things, and repairing them. Available in many colors, and many derivatives (convertible, station wagon), and even in sport makeup in the Mini Cooper S.
So, after many years of being out of production, they decide to make a come back. A bit longer, a bit higher, a bit wider..... much safer (they claim). Overall, a nice car - but still very small, not a family car by any means, and way overpriced (my personal opinion). But they were successful.

However, they did not lead in the retro market space. The first "big thing" to make a comeback in the motoring world (in my opinion anyway) was the VW Beetle.

Probably the most sold car (in various derivatives) of all time - in the world. In fact, there are so many of these still on the road, it's a wonder the stupid guys at VW decided to stop making them. Not light on fuel by any means, they are renowned for never stopping. In 1977, when hitch hiking home for a weekend brake from the army, I got a lift in one of these. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the then Orange Free State, the driver stopped, took a bottle of champagne off the back seat, opened it and we  toasted his car having done 1,000,000 miles!!!!
They "sport" model was the "SP", also very popular.
So, due to the emotional status of these cars, VW came out with this:-
Sexy, if you are a chick. A bit wider, longer, maybe taller (not sure about that), and also very expensive. Not a family car either.

So, where am I going with this. Most of you probably know all of the above anyway. Well, sitting in traffic the other day, i got to thinking. What other cars, with emotional background (to me anyway) would be nice to see make a comeback (of sorts). The first had has to be this car:-

The Renault Gordini. There were predecessors to this model, and probably some models that followed this one, but this is the one that has emotional history for me.
These cars were monster - on the road, on the track, in Off road rallies! The stuff the guys did with these cars, and their engines is legendary. I would love to Renault bring this baby back, a little wider, a little longer, and maybe even a little higher, but priced for the cafe racing fraternity. And they should fit it out with one of their modern high performance engines. I think this could make a better comeback than either of the first two cars mentioned above.

Anyone else have thoughts on this? Any other cars you would lie to see make an emotional comeback?
I will be posting some more on this subject in the near future!



Divemaster Dad said...

What about one of those old three-wheeler Messerschmidt's? that would be a kewl low-fuel car... :-)

WV = gymonce (about the number of times I have been to gym this year)

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Not sure how old u r bro, but those things precede me by a mile. I do however remember some around, but by then I am sure they were already "collectors items" I also remember an Italian version of a similar design, was it an "Isseta"? Will do some research, and then decide if a modern version would work. Somehow, I think the more modern 3 wheeler things now coming out from the east are cheaper.....