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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Old cars, with modern versions, which should not be retro issues

Some cars, which have modern day versions, and should not be rebuild in retro style, just because the older ones were so kak, would be amongst the following:-
Circa 1972
Circa 1975
2010 CC
Futuristic view
The VW Passat, in it's original shape, pre 1980, was a piece of crap! Seriously, they quickly became very second hand, with no trade value. Were soon owned mainly by people who couldn't afford a better car! I was surprised then, when the Passat made a come back after some time "off" the South Africa market. Hey, they might still have been coming out with newer one's and I didn't notice?

Anyway, the more recent models, GMan drives a 0'05/'06 model, as fantastic. They can easily be compared to Mercedes, Audi, and BMW. For real. The CC, which the dad of a friend of LuckyL recently bough is a fantastic piece of art!

I'm sure I will think of more of these in the future.



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