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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Got these in an email

Ever had a great idea for a new invention? Something wacky, or to make life easier, or something that would just make sense? And then you go and research it, and find that some other fuck has already made one! And probably hasn't bothered to market it?
Well, here are some of those:-
Is there one for left handed people?

Now this makes complete sense! I like this idea a lot!

"Keep her on her side"

WTF? Why?

Now I know exactly what my pant size is!

OK, but wont those bumps kind of get in the way of the drinks, plates, stuff?

Fuck that!

Can I get one that will accommodate a whole packet of biscuits? And what about rusks?

OK, this is good....

I think this one is for junior to have a hairy chest look like dad does...?

I see no use for this!

My employer gets to see this we will all have new seating within a month, and a new "toilet policy"!

Yea, right!

I can see potential, but it would need more refinement.


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