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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Why am I posting all this stuff now....

Well, I had to bring the princess's car in for it's 30,000 km service. I got here at 7 am, so that the car can be first in the queue, but their courtesy vehicle only leaves at 8 am, so I'm stuck here till then. hence the time to post all this stuff. In case you were wondering....

I also recently saw an ad on TV for a special deal on Chevy Aveo's - hatch back Automatics. As this is similar to the rental I had the use of recently, it caught my eye. Nice car. So I go to their web site and register my interest. Nothing. Then I get a call from some lady asking if anyone has contacted me yet. "No....". OK, she will get someone to call me. And she follows up with an email. Nice. So, eventually yesterday late afternoon I get a call. It went something like this:-

"Good day Sir".
"I am calling about the car you were asking about".
"What car were you interested in?"
"Ah, didn't you see my online request?" - A mumbled response here so I go on - "It's the Chevy Aveo, for ZAR104k - the automatic"
The Chevy you guys have on special"
At this point I realised from the silence and ah, oh, mmm... that he didn't have a clue. So I closed the call with "Don't waste my fucking time. Go find out what you sell, and then call me back". He has not, but I will be responding to that nice lady's email today.

Go check it out at this site

It's a good replacement for my Toyota Corolla, 2000 model, Auto, with over 200k on the clock. I inherited this car in 2001, with 17k on the speedo. it's done it's bit. Had the motor replaced, and the gearbox done, but it's never been the same since. It's not reliable anymore, and as it's my tool of trade, I really need to replace it. Would help if my fucking employer dd somethingAnd cheap enough for me to afford right now. We will see if these clowns want to do business or not.



Divemaster Dad said...

Just be careful of Imperial Select. I bought a Toyota 3000D from them a few years ago and it turned out to be a dog....

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

I got the Princess's Kia Sportage through them. Seems to have been ok. I think these Chevy's are from a rental company, so should have a service history. What I do though, is take the reg. number, and get Chev to run it on their computer and give me a service history.