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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Update on the puppies.....

So, a while ago I posted that we had got 2 new puppies. main reasons for this were the passing of Kaizer, and the fact that our then remaining dog, Snoopy, was very, very old (16yrs).
Anyway, they have been both challenging and loads of fun. We are not big on training of the dogs, because thet leads to a need for constant attention, and they not going to get that. We spend a lot of time with them, when we can, and that's how it is.

My personal opinion on them is as follows:-
Captain - He's the white male. Big dog, lazy, will roll over to be scratched as soon as you appear. Has a good deep bark, but probably only realises there is something to bark at after Morgan gives him the heads up....

Aww please , scratch me, yea, oh, yea, some more!!!
Morgan - She's the black bitch. nasty - in a nice way. She also likes to be scratvched and petted, but does not do the whole submissive "roll over and expose my belly" routine. She's definately the more intelligent of the two, and enjoys playing fetch.

I'm here for you. Now, lets play fetch, come on man.....
In fact when we throw two balls, one for each of them, they both chase. But she will get to a ball before him, and start to run back with it, at which point he abandons his ball and races her back, just to make sure he does not miss out on a "good boy" / "clever boy" pat ans scratch!!!
Feeding time - always the same side of the box.
We have them in a good routine when it comes to feeding times. Around 7 am, they get fed. We watch till the done (about 3 minutes) and then take the bowls away. Same again around 6pm. No leaving bowls of food around for the day for them to feed whenever. And they know they got to eat and get done, so it's good.

Tried fitting collars on them the other night. They didn't seem to mind, but LuckyL tried to attach a leash to the collars yesterday, and they didn't like that. Were very wary of this leash... Will take some time to get them used to that.


Divemaster Dad said...

On the leash thing...attache the leashes to the collars and just let them run around with it attached for a while. They will get used to them and eventually will be okay with them.

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Wanted to try that - but they will chew them up. They took the mud flaps off both the corollas already :(