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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Thefts from office parks and stuff

So, I just got this email:-
Please receive comms on incident at our office park. Please ensure  you are vigilant of your surroundings in and out of the office park. Our security team is doing everything to ensure our clients vehicles are watched by CCTV and physical patrolling.

Kind Regards 

Attached to this email was this:-

Good day
Kindly note that office park land lord has just notified me  that the construction company's  ( TLB )  Caterpillar was stolen from the hip of soil in front of XXX building . He suspect that this happened on Saturday 28/08/2010 .
 A temporary gate for construction vehicles was force open used to remove it .
This is not the first incident as we all may recall , and May happen not to be the last one , So I have been attracted to improve my operations as stated bellow .

Supervisors ,
Please ensure that as of 09H00 this morning , the patrolling security officer for  Monday - Friday day shift   does the patrols  also outside the building to keep a checking  on the clients and visitors cars at our parking ,
Also , on week ends ,  Please ensure that the PTZ cameras are extensively ran in hourly basis to trace all external activities surrounding and approaching our building  so to be able to screen them in advance .
All alarm activations must be taken with high care  and thoroughly investigated must be done where possible and available back up to be call if there is suspicion .
Perimeter beams must not be disarmed until when you are very clear &  happy of who you are about to disarm for .
Please be always vigilant during commencement of your duties at all times .

Apart from the very bad spelling and grammar, I was amazed that this could happen. Do me a fucking favor!!!

This was my response:-

Brother, if they can steal a catepillar then they should fire the security company!!!!! It's not like you can put it in the boot of your car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean, it's a fucking Catepillar, and just to prove a point to anyone who does not know what this is, I attach a photo (compliments of Google, and NO, I didn't ask for permission to post it here)....
This is a big fucking machine guys! And considering there is full time (24x7) security on site, can someone tell me how this thing got stolen?



Fishman said...

The security wekkes stole it,simple!

Jayne said...

iyes, it was the wekkers for shore!

You'd be amazed at some of the stuff that gets stolen from construction sites - I'll ask Hubs whats gone missing from his site recently :-)

As for the fuckwit who sent out that email - I'd also fire him/her simply for the atrocious spelling & grammar.