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Monday, September 13, 2010

Felt like a bit of steak on Sunday

Sunday lunch is a non event in our household. Either we go to my Mom's for lunch, which is usually great, or we stay home, and the Princess cooks, but we don't do the whole 4 course thing. Lunch is lunch.

Yesteray, the Princess felt like some steak, so I did it on the gar braai, and she did some salads and stuff.
Like I said, a bit of steak!
The kids were away, LuckyL on prefects camp for the weekend, and GMan at the casino (where else). So we invited Queenie up for lunch.

A piece of steak, some salads, fresh rolls, what more can a man ask for!


1 comment:

Fishman said...

Why on the plate and not the Grill? eish....