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Monday, September 13, 2010


So, I have a new toy need. As I am making these trophies, I have been using either varnish with a brush, or spray paint (in a can). However, this weekend I stained the wood I am using for my latest creation. When I'm done, I would like to "seal" it with a clear lacquer. Did some test work on a scrap piece of wood, and it looks fine, but not the finish I want. I'm looking for a "glass" finish. Saw some stuff done like this, and it looks almost like there is a 2mm glass pane over the wood. Makes it water and chip resistant, and looks very professional.

Spoke to a friend about it, and he's done some stuff like that before. He said he used an airbrush (for the fine finish) and reaction lacquer, (I think that's what he called it).

This is the entry level Airbrush, at ZAR 170.00 it fits my pocket - but don't think it's the goods I want.
So Sunday morning I take a drive down to Builders Warehouse (LIU). It's the Woolies (LIU) for men! Had a look around, hoping to find a complete set. One that has the airbrush, and compressor included. I know that you can get them, however this place didn't have. What I did find was the following:-
This 24 Ly compressor, of questionable make and quality, was on "special" for ZAR799.00
This is just overpriced, at about ZAR1700.00, and anyway, it looks exactly like my car wheel pump, how the hell can it work as a compressor (no tank)?

This one I like. It can also do sandblasting, which I could definitely use on the trophies from time to time. Costs ZAR600.00.....
Anyway, I didn't buy anything, as I got to look at the options first. Any of you have any thoughts / experience on this? I like the spray / sandblasting combination, just not sure what the life of the nozzle would be. And, what to do for a compressor?


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Fishman said...

buy commpressor from addendorfs.

www.tooltime.co.za Mine gave me good service over the last 4 years.

And you can get a 50 liter for R 1,195.00. then you can use it for other stuff to.