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Friday, August 06, 2010

Poker playing

I started playing poker, in one form or another, at the tender age of 14, at school. initially just for fun, then for cigarettes, then for money. Never big stakes though.
Once we got casino's I'd play the poker machines.
And with the advent of Texas Hold'em poker, got into that too. Never won much, probably jhave lost more than I won, but always enjoyed a good game.

The only thing that has eluded me, for all of these years is a Royal Flush. Till now.

I was in for ZAR100, playing ZAR5 a draw. Prize money for the royal is ZAR1250!!!!!

And so, I can now even say I've had one of those. Not too sure if I ever got one in an online game, but probably not. Would have remembered it.



Jayne said...

Nice one! Hubs is the poker player in this house & I can play (on a machine) but I tend to sit next to him 'for help' :-)
We went down to Montecasino for the weekend recently, started off about 3 grand up but by the time we left, had played it all back *sigh*. It was nice to get away from here though :-)

Fishman said...

I got one - only once - in Facebook poker....