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Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's Thursday, and the only good thing

about it is that it's nearly Friday.

Traffic coming in to the office this morning was seriously hectic. I traveled my usual route, but there was road works along one of the highways under which I pass, and the traffic was backed up for miles in all directions. There must be 5 - 6 feeder roads that lead from the suburbs, onto this highway, and nothing was moving. I eventually found a place to make a U-turn, went back a ways, drove through a shopping center parking lot, and got onto a different road, going in a roundabout way to work. It was probably a 8 km detour, but at least, although busy, the traffic kept moving.
Eish, I really can't do this gridlock stuff anymore. Thankfully it's getting warmer, so maybe from Monday i'll just go to work by bike.


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