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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

On vacation

I am on vacation, hence i have not been posting. The signal at out time share unit is non existent, and so we have had to come down to the Protea Hotel (on the same premises) where at least we get EDGE connectivity.

So, we are stationed about 400 meters from the Kruger gate into the Kruger national Park. Nice. But apart from that, the lodge is not overly impressive. It's functional at best. Will post more details on my return to Bobejaansberg - home.



Jayne said...

Enjoy :-)

Incidentally, 2yrs ago, we organised a our of SA with friends from the Sandpit. Of all the places we stopped by, the KP Lodge was fucking hopeless. It looks terribly nice, but the service is pathetic!

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Like you say, looks nice. So far though, the staff have been friendly enough, haven't had to use their services as yet, except to order a cappuccino....