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Friday, July 09, 2010

Now I started something.....

This week, whilst we were away, LuckyL, and his other half, SleepyK said they would be keen to do the gorge swing at Graskop. I had a feeling he was saying so to a) show off, and b) see if I would part with ZAR300 for him to go on it. So I called his bluff, and said, "OK, when we leave here on Friday, we'll go past there and you two can do the big swing!" Well, me and the Princess decided we would go too, and so this morning we took a final drive through the KNP, spotted, amongst the other stuff, a leopard again, and then drove on to Graskop.

ZAR 300 for a single swing, and ZAR for a tandem. They didn't want me and the Princes to do a tandem, so I convinced her to do the solo. I was ok with that too. LuckyL and SleepyK decided to to tandem.
Well, they never did go, as SleepyK chickened out. Twice she got as far as standing almost on the edge, and twice she begged off.
So Princess went, then I went with LuckyL, and then, after the long climb out of the gorge, I went again, for my solo jump, as they have a no refund policy, and we had already paid.

Anyway, if anyone is ever out there, and considers doing the big gorge swing, I say go for it! It's an amazing rush. 0-160km/h in about 2.3 seconds. Over 60 meters drop (that's 20 storeys)and a full on swing over the most amazing rain forest setting.

Oh, and before we did the swing, we got to go on the zipline, just as much fun. Hey, whats so hard about walking off the end of a pier into a 60 - 80 meter void.... or, stepping backwards into the same space!!!!

Here are some online videos

And another site

So whats next I hear you say? Well, I'm thinking maybe Bungy at Bloukranz?

I mean, I have ridden motorbikes with the best of the rest, drunk rum like a pirate, been shot at, shot back, crashed a couple of cars, worked at the bottom of the deepest mine in the world, done the whole soldier thing, including "playing" with landmines, booby traps, and many kilo's of PE4.... what the hell, I've been married for 21 years this year. What's there left to be scared off? As soon as I get around to doing the road trip on the motorbike, I'm including the Bloukrans Bungy!!!!
Life has just begun, and man it's looking so bright! And filled with adrenaline!!!!!

Watch this space.....


1 comment:

Divemaster Dad said...

Good on you...show the youngsters how it's done.

Bloukranz bungy is frikkin' awesome...did it a few years ago. S and my daughter did it too. A word of advise though...if your kid does the jump, look away because the adrenalin rush through your spine at the point of jump will be frikkin sore...mine was...