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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mood swings and stuff

Once again, even though I'm moving to a different department within the corporation, I'm on a downer..... I just don't want to have to put up with all this crap anymore. It's become a cyclical joke.
Management get moved (read promoted) even though they fucked up, new management get appointed, even though they a) don't have any credible people management skills and b) don't really understand the business. But for them it's just a stepping stone to the next promotion. Little do they care about the "bodies" left in their wake...

Once again people are resigning.... others are getting assisted to leave. Some are getting assisted to 'grow" going up a banding, and getting paid retainers to stay after threatening to leave due to being stuffed around....

But for me, it just looks too gloomy. The processes is killing this business. it took a week to decide if we wanted to respond to an RFP, and now they crying cause they only have a week left to respond? What the Fuck!?!?!

Projects currently being delivered to my client are so deep in the shit, we in serious trouble of a possible "breech", even though the client is in fact taking the piss and has extended the requirement ongoing for the past 6 months. But we don't have the balls to pull the plug on it.

Truth be told, if my next "big deal' comes in, I would be better off leaving the company completely, cause they are going to make such a fuck up of it all!!!

So, as per my initial statement, I'm not in a happy space right now, don't want to be doing this anymore. it sucks - big time....


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Divemaster Dad said...

We're so much in the same space, I can feel your elbow knocking against mine......I hear you, bro...