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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Letter to Pieter... Snorre.....

Good day Mr De Villiers.

I write to you on this day a worried man and I find myself an ashamed Bok
supporter at present. You see Mr De Villiers, even though your side showed a
marked improvement from last weekend's utter disgrace of a rugby game, you
still seem to show a complete lack of intelligence when it comes to the most
simple part of rugby - selecting your team.

Mr De Villiers, you see, I found it astonishing that in a modern and
professional era of sport, and more specifically rugby, you somehow justify
the inclusion of under performing individuals in a Springbok team. With all
due respect sir, are you completely out of your f****ng mind? Mr De
Villiers, if you have any sense left, please explain to me the following:

First and foremost, Ricky January. Not to acknowledge that this guy has done
some marvelous things in his career would be stupid. Ricky has played some
great games in his career and no other stands out so clearly as the game
against the All-Blacks in Dunedin during 2008. But surely Mr De Villiers you
have to see that he is not on form at present? The impact Ruan Pienaar made
once he came onto the field was phenomenal. All of a sudden there was a
person in the half back position with some skill and surprises up his
sleeve. Too bad that the game was lost already.

Second - Not playing Frans Steyn. Now Mr De Villiers, I understand that you
have no time for this individual, but please bear with me on this one. You
have been given a very specific job. With this job comes a mountain of
responsibility, but nothing more important than the responsibility of
winning your games. Frans Steyn might not be your favourite person, and you
might have some very personal issues with him that we, Joe Public, frankly
could not care less about. Please get over your gripes and think of the
bigger picture. The Boks need Frans Steyn. He's won them more games than he
has lost and his boot is sorely missed at the moment.

Third - Jean De Villiers at wing? Surely you must know after today's game
that Gio Aplon is the weapon of choice at wing? He stood his ground
perfectly against the best team in the World at current. Size is clearly not
everything. What bothers me mr De Villiers is that, in Jaque Fourie and Jean
De Villiers, you probably have one of the better center pairings ever to
have played for the Springboks. Why do you insist on playing pretty boy
Wynand Olivier when he clearly is NOT up to the task of Springbok center?
He's had more than enough chances to prove his worth at this level now. I
think it's time he moved on and it's time that you accept he is NOT a world
class center, at least not at test level.

Fourth - Our beloved captain, John Smit. Mr De Villiers I believe you are
doing this man a great disservice. He has bled for this country and he has
made us extremely proud, but I fear his best days are over. All you are
doing is placing a blemish on an otherwise highly successful career. It's
time for a new captain, and a different hooker. My recommendation, well,
there's loads, but I believe people like Tiaan Liebenberh, Adriaan Strauss,
Gary Botha and even Deon Fourie are, on current form at least, miles ahead
of John Smit. For heaven's sake, even Chilliboy makes an impact when he
replaces Smit.

Mr De Villiers, you are one year away from taking the Springboks to a WORLD
CUP. Do you honestly think you are picking the best men for the job at
present? Do you honestly think you are doing everything you are doing in the
best interest of Springbok Rugby?

We're a proud rugby nation. We love the Springboks. Our blood is green even
on the worst of days, but to pick the team you are picking and telling your
fellow countrymen (us the supporters) that you think they are the best
people, and more importantly in the right positions, for the job - well sir,
with all due respect - f-you! Don't insult our intelligence like that.

I believe we've reached a very critical point in your career as coach. The
Jake White aura, which to my mind is still the reason there is any form of
cohesion in this team, is fading. Along with it, Jake's golden boys are
aging and it seems you have no idea who you want to replace them with.

Mr De Villiers, it is my true and honest wish that you must do well as
coach. Because if you do well our team obviously is doing well. I just hope
you can learn from your mistakes.

Just so you know, if you can turn this tide around with the same team
selections I will gladly apologise. I doubt that will happen though.

Good luck,

The Mystic Boer


Your English is pathetic, so if you need me to, I'll happily re-write you
this letter in Afrikaans so it can make more sense. It would probably go
something like 'Word f****n wakker!!! Daar's groot moeilikheid oppad as jy
aanhou soos jy aanhou!'


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