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Monday, June 21, 2010

Vuvuzelas and other soccer stuff

What must be the most annoying instrument in the world today is the vuvuzela. That's the things that sound like swarming bees at all of the current world cup games, and soon to be heard at all games around the world as the stupid craze takes hold of the minds of them imbeciles that call this sport "The beautiful Game".
Anyway, I posted on my face book page that should anyone blow that piece of shit anywhere near my ears, I would personally take it away an shove it up his arse! And I was wondering if the sound would be different from this vantae point?
Anyway, I got this pic sent to me within about 10 minutes of posting.

looks very much like a "Malema" that got his what for good and proper!
Further to the theme, I took this photo of what must be the biggest soccer shirt in the world.
It's hanging in the internal atrium at one of the office blocks in down town Jo'burg, and as you can see, it over 3 floors high!


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