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Thursday, June 24, 2010

My email to FIFA

Just a short note to say that I am totally disappointed, and disillusioned by the level of refereeing in most of the matches of the 2010 World cup games to date. I have seen more professional work done at school level in South Africa.
In last nights game between Australia and Serbia, the ref did not give a penalty after a blatant hand ball in the penalty box, and thereby possibly costing Serbia their place in the final 16, and their tournament.

This is just one example.
The Red card for the South African player was wrong.
Goals not allowed for supposed Off sides made on bad decisions.

It is definitely time for the use of the 3rd umpire / TV ref in the game of soccer, as the referees can no longer be trusted to make the correct calls.
As for the prima donnas who fall over their own feet looking for a free kick, each and every one of those decisions could easily be decided with a quick review of the TV footage.

I am not impressed by the refereeing standard at all.


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