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Thursday, May 27, 2010

So, I recently posted some stuff here

which I had posted on my Facebook profile. Some of you will recognize this. My reasoning is to further expand the explanation, and elicit some response from selected readers - those intellectuals who read my blog, and not the common garden variety of people who might read my Facebook stuff - this obviously would exclude any of you who do both - you are (all 3 off you) undoubtedly amongst the most gifted on this planet.
I said - thinks that it's all such a farce. Look around. Think about what you do, every single day, and then ask yourself, what value does this bring to mankind? To the future? To our very existence? And I bet the answer is "Nothing!".
And these are the comments I received - once again, I will omit the actual names of the respondents to protect MY identity.
Fucking "A" boet, were not leaving life doing what we want instead we drag our feet to our only goal, death. Its so sad such a waste.
I don't agree! There is probably something or someone influencing your judgment to make you think that way. Hope you feel better soon.

Now, what makes it interesting for me is the following:-
a) The first comment comes from a close friend. A middle aged white male living in South Africa, just like me. He has similar issues / challenges in the workplace, has similar problems with getting his kids educated at a place with some credibility, has challenges with regards the levels of service we get from the new dispensation. And, obviously is now questioning the validity of what he does from day to day with regards his impact on man / earth / life / the future... - He does not access this blog, and only reads my facebook posts.

b) The second comment comes from a regular here, and on my facebook page. It's also a lady (not that it should matter, but keep in mind Venus and Mars). Her comment was based on the fact that my statement was influenced by a specific point in time, and or other external influences. And she may well be right.

But the real position here, for me was, to post my specific thoughts at that time. i don't know if it was brought on by an external influence, or frustrations from being stuck in traffic, or something someone said / didn't say. But, the guy understood and agreed with my point. The lady understood, but looked for a reason, tries to limit the problem, and addresses it as something which will go away / pass. Like the flu.

Now, Let me say upfront - I am not making any sexual statement, I am not demeaning anyone's opinions, there is no right or wrong here. I was just surprised that the cements could be so different based on the sex, and geographical location of the respondents.

So, for me the opinion still stands. I still question most of whats going on around me. And it's not because I'm looking for a reason to life, or my existence, only that I think mankind has lost the plot - completely! 99.999% of any action / activity conducted on earth today has got to do with the financial gratification of those WHO HAVE TOO MUCH MONEY ANYWAY!

Whereas, I believe that our main driver for doing anything should be for the upliftment of all. No, I'm not doing the "Help the Poor" "Help the needy" "help the African" etc. crap here. It's about everyone. It's about food, housing, water, health, probably education.

So, we spend millions digging cavities into the ground, and more millions to send men down there, to extract gold, as a return of 2 - 20 grams per ton of rock moved. What the fuck for? Same goes for those pretty stones that someone decided polished up very nicely indeed. People are dying everyday to a) get their hands on them, b) steal them, c) sell them in the black market.

Why? because at some point in history someone with very, very good marketing skills (maybe a Windows predecessor) decided that this thing can be valuable.
But, apart from salaries and smiling brides, what value do these two commodities actually bring to mankind? Nothing

Wouldn't we be better off using all the funds invested to create employment for people to produce food, medicine (cheaper) clean water....? Huh?

I don't know where this is all going, but now it's out there. Comment - don't comment, no problem. But it's my thoughts anyway.


1 comment:

Divemaster Dad said...

Dude...glad you posted this here as it allows for more comments.

I agree with you. It's supposed to be about the betterment for the planet and all its inhabitants, but we all know we are so busy just trying to survive that we don't have the time for anyone outside of our immediate circles.

And the ranting about gold and diamonds? Absolutely 100% spot on!! To me, they are valueless. I have no need to show off a shiny piece of hard glass or a piece of metal that's not 100% pure anyway. Leave the bling to the rappers. It looks cooler on them anyway.

Wait for the end of our Kgalagadi Safari to see what I think are some of the valuable things in my life...some realisations I came to out there in the bush...

Take care, dude...