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Monday, May 17, 2010


So, as most of you would know, we have a total of 7 motorbikes in our "stable"! Yup! 2 x Yamaha XJR 1200's, 2 x Aprilia RS125's, 2 x Honda XR 200's, and a Kazuma Cheetah 125 on/off road bike.

The Kazuma was the bike I bought to teach my two sons, and the Princess to ride on. It's been to the war and back, and still goes. The RS 125, 2004, I bought and rebuilt for LuckyL. The 2009 RS 125 he bought, to rebuild and sell to make some money. The XJR 1200, 2002, I bought for myself, and the other XJR 1200 GMan bought when a friend of mine was emigrating, and was offered next to nothing for it, so we bought it as an opportunity to a) get another bike cheap, and possibly resell at a profit.
The 2 x XR200's we got when I swapped GMan's first bike (a 1998 Aprilia RS125) which he had outgrown, and an Aprilia RS 250 (basket case).

Anyway, this weekend, after a few weeks of advertising some of them for sale, we sold the 2009 Aprilia RS125, and the Kazuma.

The guy was looking for a bike for his daughter. She does not ride - yet. But he was also looking for a 'discount" on the price of the Aprilia. I offered to throw in the Kazuma for 'free", so he can use it to train his daughter to ride, before she ventures out on the more expensive Aprilia. He loved the idea, and took both! At the price (plus ZAR1k, that Luckyl wanted for the Aprilia in the first place! So, we have moved two bikes out of our "stable", and maybe, with a bit of luck, I'll manage to park my car in the garage again, first time in 5 years!!!!

So, purchase price - ZAR18. Spares and parts to repair - ZAR10k. Experience of project for LuckyL, as well as pleasure of riding the thing, and being the envy of every single school boy who ever saw him - immeasurable. profit after sale - ZAR10k! Not bad for a school boy project to raise funds. Now he's got his eye on a 600cc, not sure he's going to get that past the Princess very easily. But for now he's still riding the 2004 Aprilia, which, by the way, is at least 30km/h faster then the 2009 model!

My (yellow) XJR 1200 is also for sale. GMan doesn't really want his one (bought it to make a few bucks profit), so I'll take it over. But need to sell mine first. Or, swap it for a second hand bakkie (LDV) a Ford / Mazda / Opel whatever, half ton bakkie. Would be nice to have one of those.

Had a look at some 600cc bikes at N&R this morning. A nice Yamaha there, amongst others, but I think I want to go and have a look in their store room before I decide. Seems like there are a lot more bikes there than I thought.Most are in the storeroom, waiting for the parers to be released before they put them on the floor for sale!

Will watch their floor.


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