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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

That road trip

I mentioned some time ago that i would like to do a road trip on the bike. Take 10 days out and just go. Well, I'm still considering it, and have looked at various options for the route, and departure dates. In fact, the departure may be sooner rather than later. Like at the end of this month? Well, it's an option anyway.

There's a long weekend coming up. The Tuesday is a public holiday, and the schools have indicated they will be closed for the Monday. LuckyL has said he wants to go to Koffiefontein to go fishing, a boys weekend. he wants to take his girlfriends dad. So I'm thinking, I will be half way to Jeffry's Bay from there. Maybe we tow the trailer down, with the off road bikes for the farm, and my bike for the road trip. We could go in the other guys car. Then, when they leave to come back home, I can continue on my way down to the coast.

Spend a couple of days there, come back home, and then go on the hunting weekend I have already booked for, and then go back to work, very refreshed, and probably with no appetite for work!

it's a good option, and would mean I would have about 14 days off, consecutively. Long time since I took so much time off, and the Princess is in support of this too!!
Watch this space.


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