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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

And it just keeps turning!!!

Further to my previous post:

Got a call yesterday morning from a guy I know who runs a very successful business. In fact, for a one man show it's really a big show. he employs around 90 - 120 people, started his business about 23 years ago, and currently turns around ZAR40 million a year!

Anyway, I have in the past, in jest, told him he needs me to take some of the pressure off him, and to run some of his business for him. yesterday he called to offer me the position of "Operations Manager"!

The name itself is misleading. Last night we went out, and had a long discussion around the position. It would involve running most of his operation from a Gm role. Logistics, stores, imports, exports, manufacturing, etc. Each of these has a manager, and I would have these managers reporting into me. Great job. Office bound for most of the time, but with some travel into Africa required to grow the export business.

Package is negotiable, but I would be in the same region of where I am right now, but, with the prospect of bonuses, and annual increases, which i am not getting right now anyway! So, he's waiting for my CV, and we will take it from there. he did mention that the package we discussed was kind of an entry level offer, so I think I could get this upped a bit. Would be nice.

Will keep you in the loop.



Fishman said...

And it is non IT, I would have been gone yesterday! Just to get away from the same old shit!

Bruthafromanothamutha said...

sweet - sounds excellent - why are you still here - lol

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Just sorting out the ol' CV - then sending it in...