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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Further to the farm killings

I have given this more thought over the weekend. Following on the senseless murder of ET (who's political views I had no time for, but who was nevertheless a senior citizen, and a political leader), there has been a mad scramble by the ruling party to call for calm! yup, the one's that know have realized that this act could lead to some serious shit should the right wing decide to get revenge. President Zuma was on national TV asking for calm, and promising that this incident would be properly investigated and resolved. Methinks they are shit scared!

Ok, so here's my theory. Most of the farmers employ black laborers. Most of these live on the farm, in various conditions from good, to disgusting.Since 1994 (apparently the first year of democratic elections in our country) there have been approximately 3100 farmers murdered on their farms, many by their employees. These are laborers who would be mostly illiterate, and would definitely be homeless and jobless if they were not employed by the farmers.

Also, we have a situation in South Africa today where thousands of whites are now "poor". Unemployed because of the BEE act. Many live in terrible conditions in caravan parks, squatter camps, in the streets of the major cities. Many stand on street corners, at traffic lights, and beg. The status quo has evened out. Instead of the ruling party bringing the masses up to the levels of the previously advantaged whites, they have pulled the lower qualified whites down to the level of the unemployable blacks.

So, fire all the black farm laborers. Do whatever you need to do to get them off the land. Build modest low cost housing on the farm, and employ those poor whites! I am willing to bet that you can find a white man to fill every black man's job on the farms today. People who share the Afrikaner morals, beliefs, language. People who will be willing to work for the minimum wages, just to be off the street. People who would protect the farmer, his family, and all his possessions with their lives, just to show their gratitude. TO hell with the laborer who is willing to kill you over a supposed wage dispute. Fuck that illiterate bastard who thinks that the Julius Houtkop Malema call to kill the Boer is a call sanctioned by the ruling party, a call which must be obeyed. Put them in the street, and make them the problem of the state.

SO their may be some repercussions, but whats the worst that can happen? It's not like the farmers are any better off right now! In fact, it may be the way to correct some of the wrongs that the white people in South Africa are experiencing today! Let's show them, we can do it without black labor. Do you really believe that we are totally dependent on the black person? I bet I could find a white woman to clean our home, do the ironing, and stuff. I bet I can find a white man to maintain my garden. I haven't yet, but it's an option, one I have given some thought, but have not decided to action on, yet.

I'm not sure what's going to come out of the recent murder, suffice to say that every time something happens from now on, I will look for a possible link the the right wing movement. They may have "retracted" their call to arms, and the call for revenge, but that does not mean that everyone of them will listen. I think there will be a big price to pay for this event. And as for Malema, well after the report in this past weekends Sunday Times on his visit to Zimbabwe, and the totally uninformed statements he made there, if his "bosses" in the ANC don't shut him up, some right wing Boer will. Guaranteed!!!



Fishman said...

R100.00, I give him three months!

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

I always appreciate these glimpses of your part of the world, Wreckless. However humbling, I thank you for sharing.