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Sunday, April 04, 2010

ET is dead

The leader of the AWB is dead. He was murdered by two of his young farm employees, supposedly in self defense. It was because of a dispute over unpaid wages of ZAR600!!

In self defense? Well, I am willing to bet that at the time he was attacked, and bludgeoned to death by two very young (strong) men, this old man (he was an old man, no matter his political views), I bet he had no weapons in his hands, or even in his room. No guns, no whips, no knob kirries, no knives, nothing. I'm willing to bet that, contrary to notification hastily put out by the current ruling government, these two kaffirs were influenced by the "Kill the Boer" rantings put out there by Julius Malema.

I'm willing to bet that their sole motivation for killing this man was to make the limelight. I bet they believe that they probably will get away with it. i am also willing to bet that Julius "Houtkop" Malema will go and visit them in jail, and espouse their innocence as the victims of apartheid style employment.

I'm also willing to bet that the right wing followers of the late ET will take revenge. it may not be in the form of dead bodies along the road, but could take the form of massive evictions of laborers off of the farms where they are employed. Casual labor, and white labor can easily do the work these kaffirs do. In fact, there are more than enough poor, unemployed whites out there who would be more than happy to work the land.

Finally, I am willing to bet that if not Julius "Houtkop" Malema, some other significant political figure will probably be taken out in revenge. Watch this space!!


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Fishman said...

If I was Julius I would stay in Zimbabwe. We will now as taxpayers have to fork out another couple of million to protect his big fucking mouth!