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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

More on the Impala Rally

So, I have chatted to some people, and looked for stuff on the net, just to see what the perception is of the Impala Rally, 2010. I stated before, I am not a fan of Simon Fouries rallies, for numerous reasons, amongst them:-
He charges too much
Too many cars and bakkies allowed to enter the rally site
Too many kids, grannies, grandpa's, many of whom will have never owned or ridden a bike, and never will
Too many people crowded into too small a venue
Kak planning with regards closing off main drags for the guys to have fun
Kak administration of concourse - typically some guys build bikes just for concourse entry, they trailer them to site, win, and load up and leave. Some never get ridden at all! At other rallies, trailered bikes either have a separate class, or are disqualified!
Concourse trophies are the usual, mundane, boring, made in china plastic trophies.
Prize giving is a rushed, unorganized chaotic event. He has serious kak attitude towards his guests! He does not like revving of bikes - it's a fucking rally for fuck sakes. That what the guys do when they get pissed, at a rally!?!?!
Check out the comments on these two pages:-

Mixed feelings all round.

For me, the smaller rallies are so much better. More "biker" orientated. More fun....


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