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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Impala Rally - 2010

So, for many years LuckyL has said he wants to go on a bike rally with me, and this was it. Saturday morning saw me and LuckyL, and his biking buddy, B da Husky man (in future referred to a BHusky) leave at just after 7.30 am for Hartebeespoort dam. Nice ride, and we go there safe, quick and before the masses.
Many people had already arrives from Friday morning, but I wasn't in the mood for doing the tent / sleep on the ground thing, and it's close enough from home (69km) to go through for the day. Also, as I don't ride with a club anymore, and don't do the "big" "Simon Fourie" rallies as a norm, I wouldn't have been able to do 2 days of it....
Anyway, fun was had by all. We didn't get into the final draw for the Suzuki 600 first prize, but no matter.

Herewith some pics, taken with the cellphone.

The guys from Victory say this is the ultimate cruiser. They also say that as they land then in SA, they are sold! However, for what it's worth, I think it's ugly as sin.... Can't fault the motor though.

As per norm at rallies, the main road immediately outside the site is usually blocked off to regular traffic, and much mad biking displays take plce. Wheelies, stoppies, drag racing etc. However, as the road in this instance is a national road, this was not done. So there was some atte,mpt to control the flow, and allow the crazy riding to take place. Two African riders came down the hill, one behind the other, doing wheelies. The front guy brought the bike down, and applied brakes so as not to hit the car in front of him. The guy at the back didn't see this, and wheelied straight into the back of the front rider, and into the car anyway!!! I saw one guy get up and walk away. The other stayed down. At last look he had a badly screwed up thumb, and some serious damage to his left knee. Also, one bike was quickly whisked away, but I got a shot of this one after it was loaded onto the trailer. Not sure which one was in front....

This was a first for me at rallies. These enterprising young men had got hold of a second hand industrial sewing machine and were sewing on all the badges and colours and stuff for the visitors. Great idea guys, and the money was rolling in!!!!

Another concourse entry, this for the custom build bike. Radical! Nice....

General view of some of the crowd, and bikes, waiting for the start of the stunt riders display.

All kinds of people attend these rallies - and I even know some of them. This guy used to work with me.... Scary thought!

This is a vintage Moto Guzzi scooter! I have never seen one before, and didn't even know they existed! This one was entered into the concouse, and won the vintage class.

The 3.30 to 5 pm band.... Lady has an incredible voice. Guitarists are fantastic. 2 of the guys are from the Aprilia / Victory bike shop in Randburg where I take LuckyL's bike to be services.

Picture of inside of the massive marque - bar at one end, band at the other.

L and B bought a set of thingys that go on / in their helmets. bike to bike connectivity via bluetooth. Upto 500 m range at 120km/h. Also links to the cellphone, and Ipod, and if u using a GPS, to that too! Nice stuff, and on rally spacial at ZAR1650 each (normal price ZAR3500).

LuckyL also took some videao's with his cell. Will post them here as soon as he gives them to me.
Now he's planning the next one - Sabie - Paradise rally!



RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

Those are some impressive looking motorcycles. I haven't seen any like those around here. Then again, I don't look for them.

Divemaster Dad said...

Looks like you had a great time....{jealous}...I'll be going down to the Slangkop rally just down from home again this year. This rally is just getting off the ground and, to my knowledge, isn't run by Simon Fourie, so it's up against some competition.

Fishman said...

You should let me know if you are going down to Sabie. I know of a lovely guesthouse just outside of town.

grins said...

Quite a bit different from American rallys, at least in Colorado. Usually isn't the truth, but they often have the feel of the old bike gangsters even though I know different...kinda. Scary guys with long beards and bad colors. I've seen lots of hidden guns and drugs. If your'e not on a rice burner your usually not worried even a little bit.

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

@grins - welcome. Not too sure what the US rallies are like, but we have several around the country here every year, different sizes, and attendees. They look like real mean gangsters, but most are quite tame! Guns are a standard in South Africa - for them who have not had them taken away yet! Drugs, not too sure, probably have some floating around amongst the different types. Rice burner? U Mean Japanese bike.... LOL. I suppose for you all Harleys are the bikes to be on - well, here we think of them as glorified 2 wheeled tractors, owned and ridden by wannabe bikers!