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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

This coming weekend

we are off to the Kruger National Park!! Every year our company plays a cricket match against the Skukuza Game wardens (and other Skukuza staff) And every year they trash us. But who cares! It's a great weekend away, accommodation is partly subsidized by the company (using our monthly membership fees)and even though we struggle to field a full team (in fact we have more of our kids playing then members!) we still have a great time. This year we will be about 90 visitors (and we cant field 11 players?)

Anyway, out of here Friday am about 4.00, breakfast at Halls in Nelspruit, then on to Crocodile bridge gate into the park. Lunch at lower Sabie, and then on to Skukuza. Friday night is usually a small party, early Saturday morning game drive.
Cricket, lunch, more cricket (they usually bat first so that the game is longer than 45 minutes). Saturday night, because it's the 21 year this match takes place, we are having a big spit braai (LIU) - 2 sheep, and there is a open bar, with the first ZAR5k paid for by a business partner.
Sunday am, breakfast, then pack up and game drive to one of the gates, and home.
it's going to be fantastic!!
Will post pics when we get back.
In the mean time I have made 2 trophies for the occasion. One will be a floating trophy for the winning team (this means it will forever grace the trophy cabinet at Skukuza cricket club!). The other is a commemorative trophy for the 21 yrs event, and will be hung on the walls of the club house at Skukuza (or they will toss it in the bin?)
Will post pics of these later.

LuckyL is going with us, and his taking his slag with him. GMan has a big poker tournament organized for Saturday, not that he would go with anyway. He sees no value in traveling 3 - 4 hours to go somewhere for 2 days, and then back again. Strange boy that!

Anyway, that's what I have to look forward to!



Fishman said...

Invite me!!! Have a bat will travel!!!!

Divemaster Dad said...

Fishman.....I'm going to tell HQ that you're calling her a "bat"...

Wreckless...enjoy dude. You mean the current corporation is partly sponsoring the event? Now I know why I got no fuckin' increase last year...

Bruthafromanothamutha said...

Damn the 'current company' is still doing shit like that? Wow - milk it for all its worth and have a great time my friend

Bruthafromanothamutha said...

DMD - wot's an increase?

A 2 Z said...

You cant go! They are predicting a foot of snow this weekend.....

BTW thanks for visiting. Nagging always helps... How are Duke and Duchess, the Princess and the Queen?