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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kind v Vague

Dear 發燙,
Let's see now, I'm not sure who or what was referred to that you thought was unkind, however, let me say this:-
Go do Yourself!

Vague enough?

If you don't explain the cause of your distress, how can you expect any proper response?
Or, alternatively, if you are sensitized by the fact that we have a problem coming up with suitable names for what might well be a dinner dish where you live, well then, like I said before - Go do Yourself!
Or, as they say back home - "Va fan Culo!"

To any other sensitive readers out there - don't read my shit I post here. I am crude, rude, racist, emotional, irrational, bi-polar, and about to have some daughters of satan beheaded.
So, consider yourself warned!



A 2 Z said...

In other words you are my type of man! LOL

Divemaster Dad said...

Aaaahhh, nothing like reading Wreckless when he's having a good day...


WV = unwac (unwhacked?) should have been on the cricket posting