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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The weekend has been wasted

I spent most of Saturday preparing for my proposed meeting with the HR Director. Have put together a "case file" that goes back to Oct 2008, when Satans Daughter started as my manager. It's amazing how much crap she has dished out, and I have taken, all because I am a middle aged white male living in South Africa, knowing that if I leave this place I probably wont find another job....

I'm not too sure what response I will get from HR, or what exactly I expect them to do. I do know that if nothing happens, I must take this to the CCMA, and see if I can find a labour lawyer who agrees with my stance.

The reality is that I don't believe we can have any meaningful working relationship any more. I am convinced that she's trying to get me out of the company, and that she wants to prove that she can "tame" me.

Just my opinion of course.

I just wish that a position would open up quickly for me in one of the other departments where I know I can continue to be successful, add value to the business, and be treated like the professional I know I am.

My out burst on Friday, after I heard my PBC 3 rating was tremendous. I must have lambasted her for a good 10 minutes! In fact, she never said a word back. i don't think she was expecting it, but I do see in the "Managers PBC manual" under "How to manage a response to a bad rating" the advice is to let the employee get it off his chest!! How's that?

Anyway, I told her that if I am a 3 rating, she would have to replace the rest of her team as I know I am the best ITSM on her team, and I am the one who for two consecutive years made her number for her! Also, I know no one achieved as well as I did last year, so she has more shit on her plate than she thinks. I have 14 years experiance in this game, doing the same job. The nearest ITSM to me is about 3 years !!!!

I have a 50 million USD RFP on the table right now, which is probably her whole number for 1st half 2010, and she rates me a 3? is she completely fucking demented???

Nah, it's all about breaking / taming me. And as such, she does not have the capacity to do it.
CCMA, national daily newspapers, internet, bloggs, group web site, oh boy, there is so much available to me out there, I can make waves that will make the last Tsunami look like a ripple in a fish pond.

If my employer really believes that can allow this kind of treatment to go unchecked, I will make sure that anyone out there who's thinking of working for this shithole will reconsider!!!!!

More to come!



RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

May justice (i.e., you) prevail over Satan's daughter. Keep up the fight, Wreckless, and keep faith.

Fishman said...

Well what did you expect????? That company does that to all of them. Some person I know that works at the same old shit hole was commended by customers, team members, management was awarded 4 possible management positions and guess what. Here have a two rating, you are not a good team player!!!

Oh for fuck sakes!!!! Just tell them to fuck off was my advise!!!!

A 2 Z said...

To me this seems like a case of moral harassment. Term describing a boss trying to demoralize an employee for no "apparent" reason. Could be personal who knows! I'm all for using a labor lawyer for your peace of mind and health!