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Friday, January 15, 2010

Service provider? My F@#$ing arse!!!

So, earlier this week I get two sms's, within a minute of each other.

1st sms:- (text message for u foreigners)

Euroafrican(real name replaced here by me) Your X-Ray Acc# F00xxxx is now being handed over to a collection bureau. Contact us on 0860738722 to query. Thank you

2nd sms:-
Dr Sneider & Associates. STD Bank Parktown. Acc no 200488236. Branch no 000355.

I try and phone them, I get another 7 numbers for them, no answer, all the lines are busy.
From 0116094100 to 0116084107, as well as the number in the first sms.

So I go online, and search for Dr Sneider & Associate on Google. Guess what? This prcatice has a whole lot of complaints against them on www.Hellopeter.com!! Nice.
I search for registered doctors, and find his listing with an email address. So I send them this:-

To adena@saradiology.co.za
I have just received a very annoying, and threatening sms from your offices.
I am unable to contact you on any of the numbers supplied.

Further more, I have no knowledge of the outstanding moneys owed, or of the service provided. I have at no time ever received an invoice or statement from your practice.

So, if you can send me the information, I will consider payment.
Should you prefer to go the legal route, please be sure you have all of the facts correct, as I will make this a National issue in the media, and in the medical practice.

Take a look at Hello peter. com, and see how many complaints have been raised against your practise.

Send me the proof that someone in my family owes you money, and we can discuss. If not - take your best shot.

You people are rude, stupid, and above all have absolutely no people / client skills whatsoever!!!!

Their response today

Dear Euroafrican,
Please ignore any sms's that you may have received today 14th January 2010.
There was a system glitch which sent out hundreds of sms's to people even
though accounts have been settled.
If you have any queries please either contact myself (011) 640-7612 (I am
located at Linksfield x-ray department) or our accounts can be contacted on
(011) 601-4900 or enquiries@saradiology.co.za
Once again please accept my sincerest apology for any inconvenience or angst
which might have been caused.

Kind Regards,

Adena Leach
RIS/PACS System Administrator
Dr Sneider & Assoc. Radiology Dept
Netcare Linksfield Hospital
Switchboard : 011 640 7612
Fax2email : 086 558 4888
Cell : 084-555-5987
Speed Dial : *50229
Email : adena@saradiology.co.za
Skype : adena.leach
MSN : adena_leach@live.co.za

Followed up by an sms:-

We sincerely apologise for the sms you received this morning due to a technical error.Our service provider is investigating the matter. Dr Kevin Sneider & Ass

So, they blame a "computer glitch"? I think not. It's no way that multiple sms's can be sent without someone loading a message, and then attaching it to certain cellphone numbers, and pressing send! Not in my world anyway.

So, to the dear doctor, his practice, and every doos who works in that office, go f&%$ yourself. Next time I get something like this from you, I wont bother with an email, I'll call MY LAWYER, and hand you over. I probably have a good case for libel, defamation of character, and at the very least wasting y f%$#ing time!!!



A 2 Z said...

I love the new technology and its progressing by leaps and bounds the last few years. Ever try to talk to one of your kids these days. They are constantly texting! When it fails it can send me climbing up the wall. Hope your problem sorts itself out!

Divemaster Dad said...

Sounds more like a scam being operated by one of their emplyees/ex-employees who has access to their patients contact details and is trying to scam the good folks who don't necessarily keep tabs on their accounts like you do...