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Monday, December 14, 2009

Witness Khumalo - Funeral

Further to my previous post on Witness Khumalo:-

I went to see his "common law wife" to discuss what she was planning to do with regards the funeral. As she does not speak any English, I got the guy living next door to her to translate. First I asked him about the "normal" African funerals. His response, as expected was, "Eish, you must get the casket, and the flowers, and the grave, and the big marque, and the food, and...." and that's when I stopped him.
Witness wife confirmed she has no funds, and cannot afford to bury him. So, I am willing to assist, but it's going to be a simple, plain, inexpensive affair. I asked what would happen next in normal circumstances. Apparently the local "councilor" would come and see the widow. So I left my business card and asked then to get this councilor person to call me.
Today I got a call from a funeral services person. Ah, yes I thought, the vultures are in sight! When I asked for his advice with regards costs, and keeping them down, he was most helpful, and understanding of the fact that I was doing this out of my pocket, if it was to be done at all.

Ok, so it's not as bad as every one said it would be. In fact, it's a lot better than even I expected.
1) Collection of deceased from hospital
2) Mortuary cost
3) Coffin
4) Grave cost
5) Paper work, including Death Certificate
6) Hearse & Family car

Grand total ZAR4000.00

It would be a weekday funeral (it's cheaper then, I'm not sure why).
Anyway, what it would do is give Witness an honorable burial, in a place where his wife, and any friends can go and honor him. (They still do the ancestor thing here in a big way).

So, I had a chat with the Princess, who, agreed that we actually can't afford this right now, but also can't let him have a paupers funeral, put in some hole in the ground where no one will know where he is.....

So we will foot the bill. Hey, I might be a racist, but I also know what's right, and some things just need to be done.

More to follow before this saga is closed.



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You and the Princess are solidly good.

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