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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Buyer Beware

There is a lot of sense in asking for "Service History" of any vehicle you are wanting to buy, minly because people today cannot be trusted to be honest.

GMan has for some time been looking to replace his Opel Astra which we bought for him. He has some money available, and basically wants something newer, lighter on fuel, and a bit more his style. Whatever.
Anyway, yesterday he calls me to say he's in the area, and looking at an Audi A4, 1.9 TDI. ZAR89000.00. So I go round to "Ignite Motors", (with this name I'm already worried) and check the car out. Looks OK from first glance. Open the bonnet, and I see the inner lining was at some stage removed and replaced, with some of the studs missing - Mean that there is a good possibility the boinnet was resprayed, which means that it probably was involved in a front end smash. Check out the colour match between bonnet and right fender, mmm, looks like I'm right. CHeck out the boot, the spare wheel, jack and wheel spanners are all present. Spare wheel is not new, and quite worn.
Inside the odometer says 106000km (give or take a few). The service button says due for service in 4500 km.
I ask for service history. No problem says the salesman. Take down the Reg. nyumber of the car, and go to Audi and they will give you a full print out. Also, he's included a 2 yr warranty on the car (value, he says, ZAR4000 - I know I can get it for about ZAR2500). SO GMan goes off to Audi, I take home a copy of the Warranty offered. Didn't even bother to read it. Audi gave GMan a printout of the full service record, which shows when what was done, and at the mileage at the time. This piece of shit Audi has doen over 197000km!!! Has had numerous work done on gearbox, clutch, had many parts replaced as missing, like inner wheel arch covers.....

Oh well, at least we have access to the information. Ignite motors dont have a sale, and GMan is back on the prowl.


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Divemaster Dad said...

Report the bastard to Audi, and any other motoring body you can think of, for turning the clock back...