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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Status Update

Ok, so the meeting with Satan's Daughter did not take place last Monday. She postponed it. But, It's scheduled for this Monday, so we will see what she has to say for herself. In the meantime, I have initiated a process challenge, which if successful, will see me bring in 1/3 of her required signing target for this quarter! Want to see her explain having me on a PIP then!

On the other hand, I am of good spirits! It's the Princess;'s birthday tommorrow! She will be 42 yrs young! And the boys are almost done with exams. GMan has 3 more papers, and he's done with school, LuckyL has 3 more exams, and he's done for this year!

I have initiated dicsussions around starting something for myself from the new year. if all goes well, I could be self employed by July next year!

More to follw.

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