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Monday, November 16, 2009


Well, things are kind of upside down right now. A week ago last Friday the Daughter of Satan called me in for a meeting she had to have face to face. I left a client meeting to attend. At this meeting she presented me with a "Voluntary Separation Letter". Basically, they want to pay me to fuck off. Yea right. It's not like the first time I got one of these, and in each instance it was from a manager who does not know how to handle me, or does not like the fact that I take them on so to speak. Anyway, I told her to add a zero at the end of the number and I would consider!

Not going to happen though. So she added that if I did not take the offer, she was going to put me on a PIP. (Performance Improvement Plan). This is another ruse used by this Satanical Corporation to get rid of employees. They set up a PIP that is basically unachievable, so you must fail, and then they can fire you! Nice! So, I told her that she would have to ensure the criteria she used, as she could not depend on the information available online, as it is faulty! That caught her by surprise. But I got news for her, it's not the last surprise she is in for.

By 5.30 pm same day I had the name and cell number of a Labour Lawyer! He's up to speed with the current state of affairs, and as soon as I get my PIP, he gets a copy of that as well. Smacks of "Constructive dismissal"!

Anyway, the following Monday I get to work, and run into the new GM, or whatever they call him. We are on friendly terms, as I had worked with him before he went away, and we met up again when he came back as the head honcho. So when he asked how I was I replied "Stressed!", and when he asked why I told him, in short. And then asked him to join me for a cup of coffee and he gave me 35 minutes of his time, at the canteen, at lunch time! Nice. Oh, and I was spotted chatting to him by some of the people who I know will take the information back to Satans Daughter, who had flown out to the UK on the Firday she gave me the letter, and who was due back today. Will be interesting to see if she mentions knowing I met with the man, or not.

Anyway, from today, and every Monday afternoon for the next 2 months I have a feedback session with her. It's to keep track of my progress! What I don't have yet is the PIP letter, so I don't know the terms of it. But I can promise you that I am going to "negotiate" it's contents, especially if I feel it's set up for me to fail.

I have an open door to revert to the GM, and I will go the legal route if I feel I am being treated unfairly. At the end of the day, I don't care if Satans Daughter does not like me, if she does not know how to manage me, she's not going to get rid of me unless it's on my terms.

Have also started putting my feelers out there, looking around. Must say there isn't much available, but there are always options. I could start my own business, with a bit of financial assistance from some contacts. I could go and work up in Africa - there are guys doing security work for more than USD7k per month. Hey, I can do that, pass me an R1 / FN / AK47, I'll show you security!

So, life is a bit stressed right now, and I'm not too sure what will happen over the next 2 months. But, I am finding strenght in places wher I know it's always been, but I have not been drawing off from it. Time to get the mind right, both my physical and spiritual sides sorted, and forge ahead into the rewards which await me out there.

Chat soon u all,


Bruthafromanothamutha said...

Wreckless thats just nuts. Hang in there and dont let the bastards get you down. If we can assist anywhere? just ask

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

Sorry that Satan's got family doing business with you.

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

BFAM - thanx for the support bro - It's seriously wicked shit. Wish I had an option to go on my own with something, would take the money and run.....

RRGBW - thanx - yup, we are sent these challenges to test us - this one is particularly difficult, but would like to get the better of it....

A 2 Z said...

Have you considered working overseas? The Middle East is still a hot spot. Most of these countries have English newspapers where you can review their classified: The Qatar Tribune, The Peninsula etc.. the same goes for Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Oman, Dubai, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. They are all looking for qualified professionals. You pay no taxes and there are interesting rotations (work 6 to 8 weeks and then 2 or 3 weeks home (paid).