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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

CV joints and stuff

So, about 6 weeks ago, 17 July to be exact, I take the car in to a local franchise repair shop to have a new left front CV joint fitted (outer). I opted for new as opposed to reconditioned as new comes with 12 month warranty, recon only 3. And for a difference of ZAR200.00 I figured it worth it. So, yesterday driving home, this thing starts knocking. No sweat, this morning I take it back to the shop, they confirm it's faulty and will replace it free of charge. Hey, no sweat. It's right by my clients offices, so I can go call on them whilst I wait. t takes them about 2.5 - 3 hours. Mainly cause they are busy, and my car has to wait for a slot, and they have to go get a CV from their supplier. Anyway, just after lunch I go down, and they just refitting the wheel. I get in and reverse out of the workshop, and....
bang, the CV pops! Yup! They had to push the car back into the workshop, lifted it, and confirmed that they were supplied with the wrong CV joint. This is shorter than the one my car takes, so first time I turned the steering hard left, it slipped out!
Anyway, they went off to replace the unit, I went off for more coffee and client time, and by 1.30 pm it was ready. And now the car runs like a dream.
They did offer to do my wheel alignment for free, but methinks I might just give it a miss - not too sure I will be going back there again, unless this CV also packs up bvefore the warranty expires.....



Fishman said...

Just by the way, it is practise to replace all of them at once. The other three that is left will distibute torque differtly than the new one.

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Have never done more than the one that failed at any one time, bt you have a point. However, at ZAR600 a pop, I don't think so.

Divemaster Dad said...

Agree with Fishman's comment....and I would also have them do the alignment, especially if it's for free...