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LIU - Look It Up!


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

So here I am, waiting

for the TV guy to come out and replace the tv aerial. Going to throw out the twin aerial system, and replace it with something that looks like a braai grid (LIU). He says it will work better around here than the one that's currently installed (apart for the fact that the current one has suffered severe lightning damage!).

I have also updated the .pps invite for the Princess's party at the end of Nov. I need to get it sent i suppose. We have been limited to 40 people (20 couples) due to the size of the location we have liked, so some people wont cop an invite. But, that's the way it goes. As it is this will cost me a small fortune! It's her big 40, and she really wanted a "Venetian masked ball" theme, but it's not practical, and would be expensive, so we are asking everyone to get creative, and make their own masks.... Should be fun. We are having live music, backed up by a disco, and there is a cash bar. Will post pics after the fact...

The lotto (liu) has been restarted with the first draw to take place this weekend. And there is a guaranteed prize of ZAR15m! maybe I should get a ticket. It could just be the turning point in my life.

The recent rains (lightning damage excluded) have been wonderful for the garden, and especially the lawns. is strange, you can spray as much water as you want from the tap, but when it rains the grass really grows!



Fishman said...

Put up a dish!

Seaman R/Bay said...

Buy the lotto, I did and it feels good just to know maybe I can win