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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another day, another dime

Life goes on. Not sleeping well, due to various factors, but that's how things go.
Of interest in my life at the moment:-
a) License renewal has arrived for a vehicle I sold a year ago! So now I have to get a sworn affidavit signed by a Commissioner of the Oath that it's no longer mine so I can get it off my name.
b) There is a big drive on at the moment to reduce power usage, due to overloading of the power network, which has caused the rolling blackouts I referred to previously. I sms'd the one radio station to tell them "You cannot SAVE electricity" (all the ad's / advise / requests are for power saving) it is not a physical entity you can store. Do you think they took notice? No way, dumb arses are too stupid to comprehend my statement.
c) There is talk of implementing a points demerit system linked to drivers licenses. It works overseas. It could work here, if the drivers all had valid licenses, the cops were not so corrupt.
d) One guy called in to 702 (LIU) and told the story of how he was driving home from the airport, only had ZAR7.00 in his pocket (his wallet had been stolen). He was stopped for speeding. the fine was supposedly ZAR200.00. After he told the cop he only had ZAR7 in his pocket, it was accepted as a bribe, and he was allowed to go! ZAR7!?!?! Man, you can hardly get a loaf of bread for that!
e) The kids got to me last night. They had another of their "days", and when I got home the Princess was stressed out, shouting at them....
Anyway, I called them down, and once again, laid down the law according to me! Problem is, you never really get the true story, so you have to punish both of them equally. Needless to say (and I never touched them) I had GMan there in tears (He's the sensitive one) and LuckyL just sitting there, stone faced. Man raising these kids is hard work.
f) We are having some challenges in the extended family, what with Mom not wanting to move to a smaller, safer place, (I even offered to build her a cottage at our home), my sister who I haven't spoken to for over a year still doing the "Better than thou" thing, all Christian like at the church, church groups, outreaches, but a real shithead when it comes to family, me and the boys and my personal financial challenges, as well as my shitty job, ... wow, a few months ago life was rosy, now it's more like bloody!!!
g) I'm still busy with the bar counter, the framed coasters thing failed and I still don't have a solution for it. My bar's a mess.
h) The damn TVs are way out of focus, and after having paid the TV guy ZAR1200 to fix it all after the lightning damage you'd think it was fixed. Aerials need to be readjusted.
i) And the DIY Caskets thing is really showing me why South African companies go to China to source their components. We still do not have pricing for boxes, short plastic pins, and coffin liners. Damn, you'd think people wanted the work.
Might just have to make all that myself too, and then compete with them (if you can call it competing) in their space!!! Hell, I could have a coffin manufacturing business, a plastic moulding business, a coffin handle and accessories import business, and a plastic sheet extrusion business going!

Oh, well, se la vie!



Fishman said...

Why don't you put up a dish?

karma lennon said...

Ugh, I hate how life gets all crazy everywhere at the same time. Don't get too overwhelmed. Hugs from Georgia!

Wreckless EuroAfrican said...

whats a dish going to do? I don't have DSTV!

Jeannine said...

A dish could look pretty and provide decoration. :-)

Seriously though, I'm sorry to hear you've had such a time of it.