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Friday, September 28, 2007

My weekend (28 Sept 07)

After not having much to blog about recently, this weekend sure made up for it.

Some time ago the Princess and I were invited to a friends 50th birthday party on the 28th Sept. Great! But it's in Cape Town! No problem, we booked flights on SAA (believe it or not, they were the cheapest!), and Princess got a friend who's in the business to get us free accomodation at a Southern Sun hotel in Cape Town! - Newlands to be exact. I got a car from the hire company for the three days (two days free on air miles!), and 300km per day free!
All in all not a bad deal.
So, Thursday 27th, we get to the airport real early. This is because we anticipated there may be bad traffic (there is normally a traffic jam somewhere) along the route. Nada, nothing. We dropped GMan off at some friends who stay near the airport. Got there, booked the luggage in, and went and sat in the Keg, for a beer and lunch.
Then, at the alloted time we went through the scanners and stuff to our departure gate. That's when the fun started. First, the weather turned real nasty. We noticed some flights were delayed, for up to an hour. Then our flight was only opened for boarding 30 minutes late. Once on the plane, we were informed that we would be taking off another 30 - 40 minutes later! Why didn't they leave us in the waiting area? At least there I had some space, and could go have a smoke in "The Designated Area"!
Anyway, once in the air, the pilot informed us that although the weather in Cape Town was fine, there was some bad turbulance expected on the way. And he wasn't kiding. Must be one of the worst flights I've ever been on.
Then they didn't think they could serve drinks and dinner.However, eventually they did come around with bottles of spring water, and then serves dinner. Why is it it was too "rough" to serve drinks in economy class, but now Business / first class? Funny that....Dinner was either chicken or beef. Is there ever anything else? Tasted... well, ok.
Arrived in Cape Town. Car was waiting for us, and grabbed a map, and off we went. Princess was reading the directions to the hotel off the confirmation letter. Next thing we knew were were off the highway, at the wrong off ramp, with no on ramp!?! Drove around for a while, found my direction, and headed off. I knew there had to be a highway sometime, and I'd get on it and head to the city. From there it's a doddle! Found one, got on, and we were on our way. Got to the hotel, booked in, ordered beer and toasted sandwiches be sent up, and called it a night!
Friday morning. We slept in, and got up and showered by 9.30am. Downstairs for breakfast. Everyone was so nice to us! After b/fast, we took a drive to a "factory shop" complex everyone said we must go to. Called "Access park", it's quite a place, and as can be seen by the attached photo, much wares were purchased, mostly for the kids though. Then back to the hotel. Back in our room there was this:-

The platter contained biltong (LIU), salty buscuits, nuts, cheese, and dried mago pieces! And the bottle of wine (one glass and no opener?). And a note of welcome addressed to the Princess. It seems that here friend must have "pulled some strings" to get the room, and somehow 'elevated" the princess's status! Whatever! And maybe that's why everyone was so friendly at breakfast!
Right now I'm sitting downstairs in the pub publishing this. In an hour or so I'll go get ready for the party! More to follow!


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