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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cape Town - the day after ( this post should follow the party one, whatever)

We decided to do a bit of the tourist thingy seeing as we still had the whole day to kill, and nothing to do, and we were only going to a braai at IvorJ's (the birthday boy's) house much later. So we headed off towards Hout Bay thinking to take the Chapmans drive around to meet with some friends.

Hout bay yacht basin.

Hout bay, as usual is great, and I got some more great pics.(This Nokia N95 has a fantastic camera!) Then up to Chapmans only to find it had been closed due to some serious rockfalls.

Old harbour defense cannons.

So we drove the long way round, through Constantia, and down to Fish Hoek. There we had arranged to meet with some friends from back home who were also down for the party, and were also going to the braai. The Brass Bell is a historical place, and if you come to the Cape and don't visit there for at least one drink, you haven't been to the Cape.
View from the deck at the Brass Bell.

We had lunch, our friends were late as usual, and then moved on to the local antique shops. i can spend hours perusing there little shops, full to the ceiling with many wonderful, old, collectables. One of them had a wall of minatures, probably 1000 bottles. One of these days I'm going to buy the whole lot. Every time I come down here I go back to that shop. It's Beautiful!
Due to the windy conditions, there were many yachts out.

From there we drove on to the hotel the other guys were staying in. Nice sea views and stuff. Had another drink, and then up to IvorJ's house for the braai. He has a home in an area called Glen Cairn. It's a lovely wood structure home, built up on the side of a steep hill. Excellent views from there.

The view from IvorJ's balcony.

We had a pleasant evening getting to know his new fiance (he's widowed some years now), and his Mom was over from the UK, and his stepdad. Nice bunch of people. His two boys (great kids) were there with their girlfriends. All in all a great evening had by all.

Left for home quite late, but then it was only a 20 minute drive back to the hotel.


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