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Monday, January 01, 2007

SA v India - Dec 2006

Sunday, 17 Dec, and the boys are planning what to do this coming week till both I and the Princess are also on vacation. There's a 5 day test match on the go at Wanderers (look it up) between South Africa (Proteas) and India. Monday is day 4, and the South Africans are in for their second innings, chasing a big, big score.
They decide that if I am willing to drop them off at the stadium, they would like to invite some friends to go with them. No problem, and 20 minutes later there are a total of 7 boys and 1 girl going, including my two. And then the boys decide they are going in skirts and bra's!!

Monday morning. All the kids are dropped off by their parents by 7.30 am Monday morning. The boys go and get "dressed". It's the funniest sight, and photos are required. So attached is the photo of how the kids looked when I dropped them off at the Wanderers Cricket Stadium!
Soon after going in, GMan, and two of his friends decide they have had enough of this, and get changed into their "normal" clothes. I wasn't surprised. Always the big mouth, but not too good on "delivery"!

Anyway, the other four held out, and later in the morning a "best dressed" contest was held. All four of them won a copy of the DVD which was made of the one day international when South Africa made 438, chasing 434 against Australia!!! Great prize!

So, to those four who had the commitment, well done. To the other 3 stooges, tough takkie! Next time you might consider actually doing the things as planned!!
PS - SA lost. It's the first time ever that India have won a test match in South Africa! Two games to go. Lets hope the Proteas can pull it together!
PPS - By the time I posted this, the second test game was finished and we had managed to win it. One to go...

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