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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Royal Flush

The elusive Royal Flush - that magical poker hand anyone who plays poker wants, and plays for!
I have been playing poker, in one form or another, since about the age of 12. I remember playing in boarding school then, for extra pocket money. I'm not that good, but luck has been on my side. I have, however, never had a Royal Flush!

When the casinos were legalized in South Africa, a new dimension, poker machines, was added to my options. I played them at every opportunity. I even taught the Princess how to play, and she got a Royal Flush!

A few years ago at Sun City I was playing a machine, and guy who works with me was watching. He decided to try his luck, put in ZAR50.00 and within a few plays he got the Royal Flush!

2 Years ago I was at Sun City with the family for a midweek vacation. One night, late, me and the Princess decided to go look around the casino. I stood and watched some players at the poker table. There were no open seats. But one of the players said he would be leaving, so I went over to the Princess to tell her I would be playing at the table. I was away for 45 seconds at the most. When I got back, another player had sat in the open seat. Her first hand - A Royal Flush!! She won ZAR680000 for a bet of ZAR75 and ZAR5 on the side bet!!!!

Since than I have played in a casino in every country I have visited - Malta, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, Morocco and UK. I even played on board the cruise liner we went on 7 years ago off the South African coast. No Royal Flush.

At the local sports club where I am a member they have a couple of Cherry Masters (look it up) and a table top poker machine. It works on credits worth 10c, and you can play anything from 5 credits (50c) to 40 credits (ZAR4). Good fun to pass some time. Not really a money maker or wallet breaker. I take a chance with about ZAR 50 - 100 once or twice a week if I'm in.

Last night LuckyL had cricket practice for this Fridays Day/Night final. I took him there, and decided to wait for him. I put ZAR50 into the machine, and played.

For 2 hours I was up and down, the machine playing ok, and keeping me in 500 credits or so. The cricket practice finished, and the boys came inside. I said I would play it to a round number (ZAR500) and cash out.

Next hand it dealt me an A, K, Q, of hearts, a Joker, and 8 of clubs. I held the first 4 (my bet was on 20 credits, ZAR2) and I hit the deal button. I was just telling GMan that I had never had a Royal Flush, but I would continue playing till I at least got one in my life.

And the machine dealt another JOKER!!! Royal Flush / Hearts. Man, I nearly lost it. I couldn't believe I had got it!!! 5000 credits - ZAR 500, not a fortune, but that was not the point. I had got a Royal Flush. 29 years of legal playing, and a total of 35 years of playing overall and now I got it.

Cashed out and went home.


Seaman R/Bay said...

So does this mean you are going to stop playing ? I would have liked it if you had won at Sun City ? ????

Wreckless said...

No, I will not stop playing but somehow some of the challange is now gone....

However, I could aim for a Royal in each suite?
And then progress to Blackjack and see if I can pull 3 x 7 Diamonds!