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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My day....

Yesterday was one of "those days"! You know the feeling when you think, ' I don't want to be here", when it seems like everyone is out to get you, when your meeting with your boss turns into another one of those 'You came here feeling positive, well I'm going to piss you off" days!

So, after the meeting I figure I've had enough for today, I'm going home. And i leave.

10 Minutes and 3 kilometers later I rear end a brand new BMW 320D!

Yup. Traffic was heavy, but moving along at 40 - 50 km/h. The BMW stopped suddenly, I applied the brakes, but there was water over the road and it was like grease. I swear the car was actuallt accelerating as I was braking! Anyway, the BM's not too bad, mainly damage under the bumper. My Toyota on the other hand looks like it hit a brick wall! The bonnet is folded up, and everything is pushed back into the motor. It looks like I didn't damage the motor though.

So, got the princess to come and tow me home, as you can't trust the tow truckers here. you may never see your car again! Or worse still, they hit you with a ZAR 10 / 15 / 20 per kilometer towed bill!!

Got home ok, but stressed. Lot's of hills up and down between the accident site and home, and in peak hour traffic.

Then last night off to the local police station to report the accident. Have to do this for a valid insurance claim. Was quick and efficient, much to my surprise.

This morning reported it to the insurance comany, and then got a panel beater shop to come and tow it to their premisses for a quote for repairs.

Waiting for the quote, so that the insurers can send out their assessor to give the go ahead.
Hope they can repair the car before they close for the Xmas break. Meantime I've got to find another car to get around.

I also managed to break my sunglasses, and went to get a replacement quote, ZAR 2200!! Damn, i got these as a gift from my brother! Oh, well, I have to pay 25% excess on this , so it's probably worth claiming for.


1 comment:

Solomonster said...

Yikes! See if you are covered by the company since you were "driving to a client" ;-)

Hard luck, sh*t happens - sometimes it just happens to you though.