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Monday, November 13, 2006

Vodacom / Sony Ericsson, et al....

"Good morning, can I help you?"
"No, thanx, I'd like to speak to a manager please, I need to escalate this issue now!"
"Ok, please wait here."
Enter manager - male, white about 24 years old....,
"Hi, are you the manager?"
"Yes, how can I help you?"

And I explain. LuckyL's cellphone, or at least the second replacement which I collected from Vodacom on Friday (yup, 3 days ago) worked for 3 hours! Now I have brought the phone back, again, with the original box, and all the bits and pieces which come with it. I don't want it fixed, I don't want it exchanged for a repaired / refurbished / reconditioned unit, I don't even want another one of the same model.
Sort it out - and I push the lot onto the counter, tell them I will be in the coffee shop next door waiting. I want a new phone. Pronto!

3 Cups of coffee, and 45 minutes later in walks the manager, with a brand new W800i, in the sealed box.

We will see if this one is any good.
Later all



Seaman R/Bay said...

Just buy a phone next time,Nokia is still best !!!!!

Seaman R/Bay said...

Try to buy a phone to call with, not a MP3, video camera, digital camera, radio, game boy, and recorder etc…

Wreckless said...

This one even makes coffee.....