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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Vehicle Financing

Standard Bank of South Africa - their punch line / motto is:-


Needless to say it's a joke!!

Today I found a VW kombi, 2004 model, 1.9TDI, with 64000km on the clock, for ZAR218000.
They offered me ZAR120000 trade in on the Renault!

So, I called Stannic for financing (they are the vehicle financing arm of SBSA). After holding on, listening to a machine tell me how important my call is to them for about 7 minutes, I got through, and financing was preapproved quite promptly. I asked them to fax through the preapproval, so I could take it to the dealer. They can then fianlise the deal.

3 hours later. Nothing. I call customer service, and get put into the same queue. 35 minutes later I hang up. I dial again. 20 minutes - no answer. Now I've been on for another 10 minutes, and I'm still important to them, but they can't answer the fucking phone!!!!!!

I've lodged a complaint on www.hellopeter.com (another one) and we'll see what happens. Probably get a call in a weeks time or so! Ha.

So, now I'm compiling a list of the worst service providers as far as I am concerned. All those companies who have really pissed me off.

The problem with this one is you can't even get through to anyone else. No one seems to care.

The reality in South Africa is that there is no real competition. All the companies who are here are making so much money that one client more or less makes no differance.

That goes for cellphone service providers, banks, motor car dealers, and the like.

Oh, for a world where, when you dial a number, a human picks up the call. Where you can escalate a complaint to a real live person who actually cares about your business.

I'm back.
So, I got through, and blew my top (not like the person on the other end cared). Will fax through now, he sez!

Also, will get a consultant to call me re. interest rate. I want prime less 2! Stuff their prime less 1.5!! Give that to the beggars that don't know any better, fucking dimmwitted fucking idiots!

Anyway, hold thumbs that I can finalise this deal and get rid of the Renault, and hope the VW is a better investment.



Seaman R/Bay said...

I still think my idea is better ! You will get 180K !!!!!

Steven Douglas said...

Seaman, you mean torch the fucker? I'm with that...

Max...you want to draw up a list of all companies who offer bad service? Open the Yellow Pages, start at A and end at Z...it's gonna take a while, but you'll be pretty damn comprehensive...