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Friday, September 08, 2006

Sunday with Nonna

Typically we make a point of going to see my Mom at least once a week, normally on Sunday. If not for lunch, then for afternoon tea. Alternatively we go through on Saturday afternoon and spend some time with her. Mom's 74, very well, and loves to cook for us. Needless to say, we all love Nonna's cooking! (Look it up)

This past Sunday she didn't feel like cooking, so she suggested we go to the local Botanical Gardens. They used to be called the Witwatersrand Bot. Gardens, but since the new dispensation they have been renamed the Walter Sisulu Bot. Gardens. Whatever.

It's a great place to visit, and my late Dad used to enjoy going there in his old day, so after he passed, Mom donated the funds for a remembrance bench to be erected in his memory. She loves to go there, and sit on the bench and just remember. We had a plaque engraved and fitted to the bench. There is also a big waterfall, and we have a pair of breeding Black Eagles with a nest along the crags next to the waterfall.

There is also a great new restaurant on the premises, and we had a buffet lunch (look it up).

A common occurrence now is to have entertainment on the site, usually the first Sunday of each month. It's typically orchestral renditions, sometimes just violins, other times a classical guitar, etc. Always nice, relaxing. This was also the first Sunday of September, and the first Sunday of spring, so it was a special event. Over 900 people attended, and there were displays by local artists, and people picnicking in the shade, and on the lawns under sponsored umbrellas.

It was a great day, good event, and a time for family.


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