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Monday, August 14, 2006

Witness Khumalo

Some of you who have dear my stuff for some time will recall my attempts to get my gardner a new ID book and pension card, with no success.

Well, on Saturday morning I took a photo of him, and I will be doing a piece which I will send to the Sowetan, the Daily Sun, and the Sunday Times. Hopefully they will run the story. I hope that this way I will elicit some response from the authorities to actually get something done. As long as it's "under the radar" they will quite happily ignore the problem. Once I get it into the public eye, there will be someone who picks up on it and hopefully will assist me in getting this sorted out.
It's disgusting at the very least.
So, anyone want to send me ideas of how to formulate / present this article, any assistance will be reviewed and welcome.


1 comment:

Seaman R/Bay said...

Try to get the paper to cover the story as one of bad service from home affairs department ?

You can also run it as a man with no identity looking for family & friends to identify him ?

You can ask for others who have had the same problems to contact you and as a group go to court ?