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Monday, August 14, 2006

Lest I forget.....

I actually got good service from a service provider late last week. I was shopping around for a new contract for the kids cellphones. Their current provider didn't have a nice / good selection of "free" cellphones. So I emailed several who had contact details online, and got one or two typical responses, ie. Thank you for your enquiry, we will respond in.... Days / weeks / years....
The main problem was that the kids had specific phones in mind, and none of the SP's were willing to provide these for "free"!

One company actually called me within 1 hour of me submitting my email to them. And asked what phones the kids wanted specifically, and somehow managed to put the package together for me, and by midday the next afternoon the contracts, were signed, activated, and I was on my way home with the phones.
Amazing that in this day and age, someone actually still understands customer satisfaction!!!
Well done to

John Fernandes
CDC Team Leader
Smartcom (Pty) Ltd
Reg No: 1999/028557/07
Tel: 011 507 4600
Fax: 086 651 3038
Cell: 082 944 4229
Subsidiary of the Vodacom Group

Need a cellphone? Call John. I recommend him!!


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